2009 American Wine Blog Awards

By Kori ~ February 2nd, 2009.

20090202_awbaYou, the reader, are the reason for our existence. Everything we do is designed to help you get the most bang for your buck in wine. Thank you for your continued support of Wine Peeps.

As a wine enthusiast (and I doubt that you would be visiting us or any other wine blog if you weren’t a wine enthusiast), we would like to urge you to participate in the third annual American Wine Blog Awards competition that is presented and produced by Tom Wark’s blog, Fermentation. These awards recognize the best the English-language wine blogging world has to offer.

The awards are currently taking nominations in various award categories (7 in all). Nominations will be taken until February 8th. It will only take a few minutes to make your nominations. Whether you nominate Wine Peeps or not, the main thing is to get as many worthy nominations for the awards as possible. However, if you believe that Wine Peeps is a worthy nominee, we would certainly appreciate your vote and support.

Click one of the following award categories to make your nominations:

The nominations for finalists in the different categories come from the public. Those nominees, assuming they meet basic criteria, will be handed off to a set of judges who will together choose finalists in each category. Once finalists are determined, the winners will be chosen based on a vote of the public and judges, with the public given 70% of the weight towards determining the winner in each category.

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