Premiere Issue of Washington Tasting Room Magazine Rolling off the Presses

By Kori ~ August 31st, 2009.

Washington Tasting Room MagazineWashington Tasting Room Magazine is a brand new quarterly magazine aimed at wine enthusiasts of every age and from novice to collector. As the name implies, it focuses on Washington State wine with articles about wineries, vineyards, travel, and lifestyle.

I am proud to announce that I am a Contributor to the magazine. The article that I wrote for the premiere issue, entitled “Plowing ahead,” is about Red Willow Vineyard which is the birthplace of Washington Syrah. When I received my copy of the magazine, I was thrilled to find that my article is the centerfold article and a beautiful picture of Red Willow Vineyard adorns the cover.

You can find a copy of the magazine in select downtown Seattle hotels and in over 100 winery tasting rooms from Woodinville to Walla Walla, with statewide distribution to additional areas with a high concentration of wine visitors that include wine destination resorts and lodgings, wine bars, restaurants, and wine retailers. If you’d like a copy mailed to your home each quarter, you may subscribe to the magazine by visiting the Washington Tasting Room website.

Washington Tasting Room Magazine is published by Viva Publishing, LLC, headquartered in the Puget Sound.

Highlights from Q&A with John Vitale, Publisher and Editor:

How did the idea for Washington Tasting Room Magazine originate?
With over 600 wineries in the state, and new ones constantly emerging, we realized the time was perfect for a magazine devoted to Washington State wineries, travel and lifestyle. Washington has become one of the most important and notable wine destinations in the world, and we felt that it deserved a magazine dedicated to celebrating the state’s diverse wine regions, people, travel, food and culture.

How do you feel about starting a new print magazine in an era of print consolidation?
I’m very excited about this magazine, both in print and online. Our top priority is producing the best magazine possible right now, but we have plans for a web component, too. We recognize that readers respond differently to each medium, which is why we created a print magazine that we hope readers will find visually stunning in every way. The gorgeous photography, attractive design, and quality paper stock make it a pleasure to pick up and read. So, from a presentation aspect, print does a superior job of capturing attention. But the reason someone would want to subscribe is the entertaining and informative articles packed into every issue. We’re really fortunate to work with some of the finest wine, food and travel writers who love to share their sensory experiences about Washington State wine as much as we do.

Is the title indicative of the magazine’s focus?
The title, Washington Tasting Room, is a metaphor. Our emphasis is not only on wineries and tasting rooms, but also on the journey. In that respect, the magazine will spotlight destination getaways and unique accommodations, talk with pioneers in the wine world, visit restaurants and bistros using local ingredients and celebrating local wines. As a reader, you’ll meet artists and discover art you can bring home, and learn about taking a cooking, art, cheese making, and vineyard or wine class. You’ll get tips and inspirational ideas for creating and enhancing the Tasting Room in your own home—whether it’s your kitchen, patio, or wine cellar. The magazine is about this, and more.

How do you plan to distribute the magazine?
Distribution channels include mailed subscriptions, newsstands, and hundreds of wine and culinary tourism locations in Washington State. Mailed subscriptions can be purchased through the website. The magazine is carried in select wine destination hotel rooms, B&Bs, and hotel concierge services, mainly in downtown Seattle, but also in Walla Walla, Spokane, and the Yakima Valley. This list is expanding daily. In addition, the magazine can be picked up in more than 100 wine tasting rooms in Washington, fine wine retailers and wine bars. This too, is expanding rapidly.

Do you have plans to go to a more frequent publication schedule than quarterly?
Not at this time.

What’s the market you’re targeting?
Our tagline says it best: The magazine for people who love wine tasting.  Our readers are all ages (21 and over, of course) that enjoy going wine tasting and touring.

From an editorial standpoint, what makes Washington Tasting Room Magazine unique from other wine-related magazines?
What sets our content apart from any other magazine is our focus on Washington State. We’re a consumer-oriented magazine, and we do not rate or score wines. I don’t think any other magazine in the world can say all those things.

Why should someone read the magazine?
People who love wine tasting are explorers by nature. But with so much happening on the wine scene, it’s impossible for most people to keep track of it all, much less explore it all on their own. Washington Tasting Room Magazine will act as a tour guide—exploring fun travel destinations, weekend getaways, local eateries and fun sightseeing along the wine trail. You’ll tour wineries and vineyards, discover restaurants, cheese and food pairings, music and art, and interesting people at the forefront of the wine scene. Along with a comprehensive wine-and-food-related events calendar, every issue will be packed with sidebars on different wines, new winery openings, practical tips and advice.

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