A Wine for Tonight: 2008 Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

By Kori ~ November 12th, 2009.

2008 Kim Crawford Sauvignon BlancWould you like a quick suggestion for a good wine to drink tonight (or this weekend) that won’t break your budget and is widely available? Many of our readers have said this is something they would like, so here is this week’s selection, the 2008 Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc from the famed Marlborough region of New Zealand.

Our selection criteria include:

  • A very good Quality rating of >=3.5 stars (out of 5)
  • A price tag of <=$15
  • Must be widely available

Regular readers know that we are big fans of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, the country’s flagship wine. And Kim Crawford Wines makes one of our favorite New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs. In fact, Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc has been Mom’s (LaGayle) favorite wine, period, since we visited New Zealand in 2005. The most amazing thing about Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc is its amazing consistency from vintage to vintage. It’s crisp acidity and refreshing grapefruit flavors are especially pleasing to our palates. Their 2006 vintage won one of our monthly wine tasting dinners as well as several private tastings. Their 2007 and this 2008 vintage are also outstanding. I have no doubt that the upcoming 2009 vintage will continue to represent Kim Crawford in outstanding fashion as well.

Don’t be surprised that I am recommending a crisp, white wine during the winter. With the right foods, both red and white wines can be enjoyed year-round. In fact, we drank this 2008 Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc last night with our broccoli, cheese, chicken, and rice casserole, and it was fabulous.

“With every wine I make, I aim to let the natural flavour of the grape flow through into the final product. New Zealand grapes benefit from a natural fruitiness. My role as winemaker is to make sure that this succulence and richness is abundantly present in the wine you pour from the bottle.” –Kim Crawford, owner/winemaker

2008 Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough, New Zealand): Extremely aromatic. Beautiful grapefruit on the nose. More grapefruit, lime, and other citrus fruits come through on the palate. Well-balanced with a long finish. Very distinctive and crisp.
Quality: 4.5 stars (out of 5)
QPR: 5 bangs for your buck (out of 5)
Where to buy: Costco (Seattle), $14; Available elsewhere, $12 to $15

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