A Virtual Celebration of Washington Wine: #WAWine on June 3

By Kori ~ May 11th, 2010.

Would you like to learn more about Washington wine? Are you coming to Walla Walla for the Wine Bloggers Conference and would like to get a head start on your Washington wine exploration? Do you already love Washington wine and just want an excuse to drink more of it and talk about it? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then we have the perfect event for you.

Mark your calendars for Thursday, June 3rd from 5-8pm PDT and join us for the WAWine World Tasting Event. Hosted by Josh Wade of Drink Nectar and 13 other Washington wine writers including me, #WAWine (the event’s Twitter hashtag) is a virtual event in which hopefully thousands of people from all around the world will be simultaneously tasting Washington wine and talking about it via Twitter, Facebook, and at on-location events. Washington Tasting Room Magazine and the Washington Wine Commission are sponsoring the event.


Participation is simple. Visit the event site for details and tips. Buy one or more bottles of Washington wine and join in one of three ways:

  • Join in person at an on-location event at one of the participating wineries.
  • Log on to Twitter at 5pm PDT on Thursday, June 3, and follow the hashtag #WAWine (be sure to use the #WAWine hashtag in all of your tweets).
  • Log on to Facebook and join the community at http://facebook.com/tasteandtweet. You can use this page to upload photos, share your experiences, and connect with others.

Attention Wineries

Visit the WAWine for Wineries page to see how you can maximize the event:

  • Social Media Tutorials
  • Media Packet
  • Downloadable print materials
  • 7 ways to maximize sales
  • and more…

We hope to “see” you on June 3rd for this virtual celebration of Washington wine. You’ll find me on Twitter @winepeeps.


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