What you like is what’s most important

By Kori ~ May 28th, 2008.

Wine rating services, wine critics, wine journalists, and wine bloggers are useful but don’t follow them blindly. Learn which critics tend to like what you like and then let them lead you to some new wine possibilities. Remember, in the end, it’s what tastes good to you, what you like that counts.

While the points ratings of the wine critics are useful for comparative worth purposes, good descriptions of the wines and what they taste like is even more valuable.

As Matt Skinner says in Thirsty Work,

“…wine is a little bit like music or art. What you and I like may be two completely different things, but at the end of the day neither one of us is right—we just have different tastes.”

Even world-renowned taster/critic Robert Parker states,

“There can never be a substitute for your own palate, nor any better education than tasting the wine yourself.”

If you do want to have online access to vast databases of wine reviews and articles on wine and the wine business, you can subscribe to one or more competent services such as eRobertParker.com or Wine Spectator Online.

Remember, the most important thing to do after you’ve read any reviews, articles, or blog posts is to get out there and taste the wines for yourself. Make notes as to what you think and compare them to what the “experts” said. Figure out what sources most closely match your tastes so that you can refer back to them for reference. Never be embarrassed by what you like. After all, wine is a beverage to be enjoyed!

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