My Wine Bucket List—Expanded

By John ~ March 7th, 2012.

Over the past several years, I have shared with you my bucket list of wines and then an update of it, as I have tasted several of the wines. In coming months and years, I’ll update it again as I add to my bucket list and enjoy tasting more of the wines on the list.

Today, I’m going to expand my wine bucket list to include special wine regions around the world that we’ve not yet visited but want very much to visit. We’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to not only visit all of the major U.S. wine regions multiple times, but also take trips to the Bordeaux region of France, all of the major wine regions of Australia, the Marlborough region of New Zealand, all of the major wine areas of South Africa, and both the British Columbia and Niagara-on-the-Lake regions of Canada.

Now, our goal is to visit the following wine regions that have a special interest for us:

  • Northern and Southern Rhône in France
  • Champagne region of France
  • Tuscany and Piedmont areas of Italy
  • Douro Valley and the Port lodges of Portugal
  • Argentina and Chile in South America
  • Rioja region of Spain
  • Mosel region of Germany

Hopefully, we can work our way through this wine travel bucket list over the next ten years, and then start working on our next list. If you believe that there’s a wine region that we should definitely add to our current list, please let me know (and if you’d like to sponsor a trip to your favorite area we just might be able to move it up the list). As we make some of these bucket list trips, we’ll report on our travels and recommend to you the ones that meet or exceed our expectations.


(Photo by Megan Mallen)

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