WBW: #41 Roundup, #42 Theme, and Logo Contest

By Kori ~ January 27th, 2008.

The January edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday focused on white wines from Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Northeast Italy (see our Friuli post). Jack and Joanne of Fork & Bottle, the hosts for WBW #41, have posted the roundup of tasting notes from 40+ participants. The experiences and reviews ran the gamut on these hard-to-find wines. No matter your experience thus far with Friuli whites, you can glean a lot of valuable info about the region’s wines by reading these reviews which have been broken down by varietal.

Switching gears from white to red, Andrew Barrow of Spittoon is hosting WBW #42 and is asking us to drink any Italian red. Here’s the kicker though…the theme is Just Seven Words. That’s right, taste your Italian red wine and then post your tasting notes in just seven words (not including the wine name and other pertinent data) on Wednesday, February 13.

And finally, Wine Blogging Wednesday has announced a contest to design a new logo. Visit the WBW website for more information or submit your logo idea via email to winebloggingwednesday@gmail.com on or before March 31.

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