Road Trip: South Dakota

By John ~ June 6th, 2008.

As our cross-country road trip continued, we visited the Prairie Berry Winery near Hill City, South Dakota, tasted some of their South Dakota wine, and had lunch in their Euro-Deli. While they have an impressive tasting room and lunch was great, the wines were very mediocre. There were not any wines that I could seriously recommend.

This is another area where it is too cold to grow the traditional varietals of California and Washington, so their local production is limited to a few varietals like St. Croix, Frontenac, and a number of fruit wines. Once again, in this part of the country, we saw many more sweet wines than dry wines.

While South Dakota wineries can make money with their built-in tourist base because of the proximity of Mt. Rushmore and its three million visitors per year, I don’t see South Dakota becoming serious wine country.

Have you ever visited any South Dakota wineries or tasted South Dakota wines? What were your impressions?

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