Wine Word of the Week: Nose

By Kori ~ August 14th, 2008.

This week’s Wine Word of the Week is nose.

Official definition from Jancis Robinson’s The Oxford Companion to Wine:
Nose is the most sensitive form of tasting equipment so far encountered, the sense of taste being so inextricably linked with the sense of smell. …. Nose is also used as a synonym for the smell, aroma, or bouquet of a wine, as in wines having ‘a nose of raspberries’, ‘a raspberry nose’, or even ‘raspberries on the nose’.

Layman’s terms from Kori:
Ms. Robinson’s definition is fairly straightforward on this one. Basically nose has two definitions in relation to wine:

  1. An extremely important body part since smell and taste are so closely linked.
  2. Another word for the smell or aroma of a wine; i.e. “black fruits come through on the nose.”

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