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By John ~ September 19th, 2008.

Sometimes you might not be able to find a wine you want at your favorite local wine shop or online vendor. In that case, services like Wine-Searcher can come in handy. Wine-Searcher lets you search for wine from thousands of wine shops worldwide and then provides links to their websites so you can make a purchase. It makes comparison shopping for price easy and is a great tool for ascertaining the current market value of wines that you already own. You can even get historical prices on wines. The basic version of Wine-Searcher, covering about 200 vendors, is free.

Once you have entered the wine name and vintage, then you have some drop-down choices including whether or not to exclude auction vendors (which I recommend), location of vendor (country and then whether or not you want to limit your search to certain states for shipping law reasons), and the currency in which you want it priced. For the other drop-down choices, I suggest using the defaults unless you are looking to buy a large format bottle.

For frequent online wine buyers, the Pro version, accessing thousands of vendors, is available for a nominal fee of $29.95 per year. If you buy more than a few cases a year online, you’ll probably determine that the Pro version is cost effective for you.

Two other wine search services that are also worth checking out are: WineAccess and WineZap.

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  1. VinquireThea | September 19th, 2008 at 2:46 pm

    We are also in this space and don’t charge consumers for search results.
    Always good to have options!