Wine Word of the Week: Fruit

By Kori ~ December 27th, 2011.

This week’s Wine Word of the Week is fruit.

Official definition from Jancis Robinson’s The Oxford Companion to Wine:
To a viticulturist, fruit is a synonym for grape…. To an oenologist or wine taster, fruit is a perceptible element essential to a young wine. Young wines should taste fruity, although not necessarily of grapes, or any particular grape variety. Fruit driven is a tasting term used to convey the fact that a wine has a dominance of grape-derived fruit flavor.

Layman’s terms from Kori:
As you can see from the definition above, when someone uses the word “fruit” in reference to a wine, it can mean a variety of things. For the purposes of a wine consumer, “fruit” is most often used to describe wine flavors as in, “This wine has a lot of fruit” or “This wine is very fruit-forward.” Depending on the variety, wines can have a number of different “fruit” flavors such as blackcurrants, blackberries, raspberries, apples, citrus, and so on.

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