Wine Word of the Week: Bouquet

By Kori ~ August 7th, 2012.

This week’s Wine Word of the Week is bouquet.

Official definition from Jancis Robinson’s The Oxford Companion to Wine:
Bouquet is the oft-ridiculed tasting term for the smell of a wine, particularly that of a mature or maturing wine. …. It is used loosely by many wine tasters to describe any pleasant wine smell or smells but, just as a bouquet (rather than a bunch) of flowers suggests a composition of several varied elements, many wine professionals distinguish between the simple aroma of the grape and the bouquet of the more complex compounds which evolve as a result of fermentation, elevage, and bottle aging.

Layman’s terms from Kori:
Bouquet is a term that many wine tasters use when they: (a) think that a wine has an exceptional aroma and simply saying it is aromatic would not be enough, (b) are looking for a more interesting word to use than aroma or smell, or (c) want you to think that they are wine experts, and “This wine has a beautiful bouquet” sounds more sophisticated than “This wine smells good.”

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